Website Development develops websites to suit any needs, from simple "business card" style informational sites to large corporate or government sites based on existing enterprise infrastructure.

Website Upgrade

An upgrade to your existing website is recommended if you want to:

  • enhance your site's appearance or have it match the style of your printed material
  • add an online store, newsletter, forum or other interactive features
  • improve your site's search ranking
  • obtain better statistics about visitors to your website
  • upgrade from our budget website package
  • move away from an expensive or unreliable service provider.
  • maintain your site's content yourself

In every case we will get the maximum leverage out of your existing investment so that your enhancements don't end up costing the same as an entirely new website.

Developing a New Website

Developing a new website requires considerable input from you. While we step you through the entire process and perform all the technical work, you are responsible for providing us with:

  • a broad concept of what you want to achieve with your website
  • a suggested domain name
  • a list of one or more websites that demonstrate the general style you would like for your site
  • your logo, colours, photos and other graphics in electronic form, unless you choose to engage with our marketing and graphic arts specialists to create a new branding concept for your business
  • feedback on preferred style and user interface
  • textual content
  • keywords that you want your business to be associated with when they are entered into Google
  • a list of features such as online store, newsletter, forum, etc.

A website that requires more complex or unique interaction with users may be considered to be an online application, requiring a more robust management strategy than is needed for a standard website. There is a lot of overlap in the definition of a standard website and an online application, with the main distinction being the amount of programming effort required. The most common interactive features have standard implementations that can be integrated without significant programming effort, but you may like to look at our application development section for information about some of the additional issues that are faced if your requirements do not conform to an off-the-shelf solution.

Budget Websites offers a special payment plan for businesses requiring only a simple online presence. For just $10 (ex GST) a week you can receive:

  • a domain name of your choice
  • the ability to send and receive mail using your business domain name
  • a simple website based on an existing style template, customised with your logo, banner and colours
  • comprehensive reports on visitor statistics at any time
  • simple prepaid billing system - pay as much as you like as often as you like
  • upgrade at any time to a more customised solution
  • no setup fees!  (initial payment must cover the first 6 months)

Contact us to find out more.