Web Hosting

An important service we provide at WebVenture.com.au is to shield you from complex technical terms that are of little relevance to your business needs. Instead of presenting you with a matrix of monthly and bandwidth pricing for various server operating systems, storage volumes, control panels and the like, we will take a look at your existing infrastructure, assess your requirements, and ask you a series of simple business related questions to determine your optimal hosting solution.

In this sense we act as a broker of hosting services, so if we can't fulfil your requirements within our own infrastructure, we will suggest a third party provider that best suits your requirements. This delegation of services is completely transparent, so you always have the option of dealing directly with the third party if that is your preference. In most cases however our customers prefer to maintain a single line of support, integrated bill, and ongoing optimisation of their resources. This allows us to quickly pinpoint and resolve any issues directly with the responsible provider at an expert level.

We guarantee that we can provide an economical web hosting solution for every situation, from "cloud" based solutions servicing millions of visitors a month, down to a basic but still professional looking package for as little as $10 (ex GST) per month.

Contact us to find a solution that works for your business.

Hosting Explained

Email and web hosting is an essential requirement for almost every business. Everyone who has an email address, website, or even just a domain name is using a hosting service of some description, although it may not always be obvious who is providing these services. Most internet providers include an email address and limited web space together with your standard home or business internet connection, but you will inevitably have to purchase an extra hosting package if you want your website and email address to use your own domain name.

Contact us to find out more, or see the wikipedia articles web hosting, email hosting and DNS hosting for an in-depth explanation.