Application Development offers a wide range of application development solutions. In-house expertise is centred around enterprise Java development and integration. When extra resources or other skills are required, we also draw upon a network of local and international partners to provide specialist services.

Development work can be performed either on an hourly rate or at a fixed price based on an agreed outcome. Enquiries regarding both new development projects and modifications or maintenance to existing applications are welcome.

If you are undertaking a major new development and have limited capital to get started, talk to us about a possible joint venture to get your project off the ground with the guidance of a committed technology partner. We also offer a range of business development services including business plan development, capital raising, coaching and mentoring to help you through the initial stages of development.

No matter what your requirement is, from an enterprise wide integrated solution to a simple website shopping cart, we will provide you with options to suit your budget.

Application Development Explained

Choosing a company or contractor to build your application is difficult. The choice you make can easily determine whether the venture becomes a profitable success or a very costly failure. Unfortunately there is also no general correlation between the quoted cost and the quality of the result. There are many examples of projects that have been abandoned after months or even years of development and millions of dollars spent, simply because the wrong platform was chosen or the project was not managed effectively.

Before hiring developers you need to know which platform the application will be built upon. Choosing the platform is the job of a software architect or systems architect. If you take your requirements directly to a software developer, the application will inevitably be developed using the platform with which the developer is most familiar, which can potentially cause serious problems in larger projects.

When your project is managed by, we guarantee that a comprehensive assessment of your requirements will be undertaken to determine the best platform to meet your current and future needs. We will then discuss with you in straightforward terms the benefits and risks associated with the various strategies for implementing the project, allowing you to incorporate budgetary considerations into the final decision.