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All prices are exclusive GST and specified per year.

Australian Domain Names $20.00 $20.00 $8.00 $14.00 $20.00
Top Level Domain Names
.com $18.00
.net $18.00
.org $18.00
.biz $18.00
.info $18.00
.mobi $50.00
.tv $136.00
International Domain Names
.asia $50.00
.eu $50.00
.cn $136.00
.us $50.00

Domains Explained

Securing a domain name is one of the most important aspects of creating an online presence. There are several reasons why every business should have its own domain:

  • A domain name provides a succinct and easy to remember address that is unique to your business.
  • Your website address does not have to change if you change hosting providers.
  • A well chosen domain name can vastly improve your website's search ranking.
  • It allows you great flexibility for managing your email.
  • Best of all, it is relatively cheap.

For Australian businesses a domain is generally recommended. This allows your customers and search engines to instantly recognise that your business is located in Australia. Many businesses register multiple domains, with the other domains redirecting to their primary domain. This can be advantageous where it is possible that a customer might type in a particular website address manually instead of finding your site through a search engine. Examples of this would be where your business name has a non-standard spelling, or is often misspelled by the public. You should also register the equivalent .com domain if it is available. Registering multiple domains for a single website ensures that competing interests can't register those names and steal customers away from you.

It is important to note that registering a business name or trading name does not give you automatic rights to a particular domain name. It is unfortunately common practice for people to register domain names for the sole purpose of selling them later for profit.

Contact us to find out more, or see the wikipedia article domain name for an in-depth explanation of domains.